Forward to July

I just came home from the Senior Center where we stuffed envelopes for the July 1-3 Anamoose School Reunion.  There were 30 volunteers helping fold, stuff, stamp & label envelopes.  We had 7 inserts for the 1100 alumni envelopes.  There were 100 teacher mailings which included an extra invitation page informing them of a teacher tribute on Friday, July 1st.  And finally there were 350 letters that go out to advertisers for a total of 1550 envelopes to mail out on Monday.  All this work was accomplished in 1 1/2 hours.

Bonnie Helm is the chairman of the AASR.  She has been having meetings twice a month.  The meetings I have attended have been very well organized with good input from those attending.  The next meeting is at 7PM, Tuesday, March 22nd at the Senior Center.






bonnie.jpgLast Saturday on March 5, at least 30 kind souls helped fold fliers, stuff envelopes, and apply address labels  and stamps for 1100 pre-registration mailings.  I would like to personally thank the following people, many of them not alumni: Carol Weninger AHS ’55; Mardelle Helm, Beach HS; Gloria Engen AHS ’60; Bill Engen AHS ’57; Doug Rademacher AHS; Dorothy Thomssen AHS ’51; Kathy Rademacher, McClusky HS; Dennis Zimmerman AHS ’55; Phyllis Zimmerman AHS ’56; Shirley Nitz, Martin HS; Victorina May AHS ’66; Sandy Cartwright AHS ’59; Angie Kesler, Martin HS; Dorothy Peerboom AHS ’51; Loretta Schilling AHS; Calvin Buxa AHS ’51; Vi Buxa, Harvey HS; Annette Kost AHS ’67; Kenneth Kost, Martin HS; Alyce Heer, Drake HS; Vernon Heer AHS ’49; Barb Martin AHS; Dick Hauser, Martin HS; Stan Martin AHS ’63; Norma Martin, Harvey HS; William Piper, Kalamazoo, MI; and Shawn Piper, Kalamazoo, MI. (written by Bonnie Helm ’65)

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