Anamoose JDA Update

  1. The Anamoose JDA (Job Development Authority) was organized in January, 2003 and receives it’s primary funding from the Anamoose Civic Club through it’s gaming fund.
    The main purpose of the JDA is to support existing businesses and promote new businesses.
    The JDA was instrumental in the refurbishing of the local cafe. It also assisted in the purchase of the building that is currently owned by an upholstery shop. A grant was given to upgrade a local daycare center. Brochure holders were put up in several local businesses.
    At the January meeting Maria Effertz Hanson, McHenry County Jobs Development Authority Director, spoke on the Minot Magic Fund Marketing Grant and how local communities can access it.
    Pictured are members of the JDA:


 (Standing) Frank Ewert, President; Stan Martin; Alyce Heer 

 (Sitting) Mardell Helm; Rose Weninger, Secretary/Treasurer.

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