Worth the Hard Work

Mike Schmaltz is spearheading planting trees in Anamoose.  The city council, of which Mike is a member, has set up a 4 year plan.  This year 20-25 trees will be planted for a cost of $1500-$1600.  So far, Mike; his daughter Tiffany; Britany Schmaltz; & Torie Dosch have planted 4 trees in the park, 2 at the fire hall, & 6 at the south entrance into Anamoose.  They are planting 3 different species of linden, 3 different species of maples and also some birch trees.  The trees average 40-60 feet tall. 

Pictured are: 1.  Britany Schmaltz (left), Tiffany Schmaltz (center) & Mike Schmaltz   2.  Measuring for trees. 

Trapper, Mike’s dog, was having a great time running through the water while they worked.

Some local residents have removed dead elm trees infected with Dutch Elm Disease.

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