To Improve Anamoose-or Not?

The City Board is contemplating paving our streets &/or replacing or patching sidewalks on Main St.  They held a question/answer session last night.  Their lawyer, Ted Siebel, & an engineer, Matt Johnson of Wold Engineering, Bottineau, were present. 

Back in the 50’s a paving project was approved, but was defeated at the last minute.  In 2000 an estimate was obtained, from an engineer, but the council decided not to go ahead with the project. 

If paving were approved Johnson recommended a 2 inch overlay on existing paved streets & 4 inch paving for the rest of the streets.  The sidewalks that are dangerous could be patched for a greatly reduced cost versus total replacement. 

A special assessment committee would have to determine a fair way to allocate the costs. 

The majority at the meeting were in favor of paving.  One comment was-are we poorer than people in neighboring towns that we can’t afford to pave our streets?

Pictured are:1.  City board members- Mike Schmaltz, & Frank Ewert; & Matt Johnson, engineer.  2.  Ted Siebel, city lawyer; Stan Martin, Auditor; Mike Rudnick, Mayor; & board member Bonnie Dockter.  3.  Interested Anamoose citizens

My personal opinion is:  We should have paved our streets & fixed our sidewalks years ago.  Now is the time to move ahead as each year paving becomes more expensive.  We want to have an attractive community to the best of our ability.  Are we going to remain stagnant?  I hope not!

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4 Responses to To Improve Anamoose-or Not?

  1. Linda Babb says:

    Anamoose reflects the culture of the people living here it is not just about the money or wealth that seems to be making a statement but, well our pride. We can reason and make excuses or plans yes but fruit without works is vain and I agree that we can do better as a community to create an environment that is safe, durable and beautiful. So if we can fix the sidewalks and pave the street we should be the ones to get it taken care of so the future will remember us well.
    Linda Babb

  2. babbbullon says:

    While I agree with you that we need improvement… but some can not bear the costs, should not be forced into debt or told to sell their land to pay for others pleasure. We should find a way to raise the money without burdening just the property owners with the cost of improving the community for all the people who live and visit here. I don’t think it is fair to make a handful of people pay for everyone else. I know that may be the reason we still have dirt roads and it is a sad state of affairs when such a noble cause is put to rest or imposed upon a small group to carry the payments for 20 years… when in fact it is not just the property owners who would enjoy the new roads and be forced to make “improvements” that perhaps they can not afford.

    Property owners should not be required to pay for others! If I own a 30 thousand motor home I only have to pay taxes once at the time of purchase but I own a stick build house and I have to pay taxes every year. I own a 25 thousand dollar car and I pay taxes once but I own a piece of dirt with the same value and I have to pay taxes forever… this is wrong… as is forcing people in to debt… tyranny is wrong period no matter how you try to cover it up. It is still Tyranny. Happy Birthday America!

  3. babbbullon says:

    Can we donate the use of land and seed to raise crops to sell and use the profits for this project?

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