Ye Old Bank

What a crew we had!  On Saturday we started ceaning out the old bank building.  First  Brad Fletschock, Lowell Dusek and Cody Marquart removed some large items.  Then the cleanup began. 

 As you can see in the pictures it was a dirty job with some of the women wearing masks.  The workers in the bank were:  Richard Derrickson, Dennis Zimmerman, Phyllis Zimmerman, Sandy Cartwright, Arla Vannett, Carol Weninger, Barb Martin, Barb Engen, Mary Schatz, and myself. 

Pictured are: 1.  Sandy Cartwright, Arla Vannett, Carol Weninger, and Phyllis Zimmerman.  2.  Dennis Zimmerman and Richard Derrickson  3.  Phyllis Zimmerman and myself loosening up the floor tile. 

While the bank was being cleaned, Brad, Lowell, Cody and Barb Helm went out picking up appliances and any large object too large for the garbage men.  Bill Goodwin drove Bonnie Helm’s pickup.  Ferrell Helm’s pickup and trailer were also used.  Barb said they went to 11 different homes. 

We still have quite a ways to go to get the bank ready for an open house at the reunion, but we have a good start. 

Elroy Stotz, seeing that extra help was needed with the large appliances, got his tractor and scoop to help. 

How many men does it take to hitch on a trailer?  Apparently 6!

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