New Statistics

Anamoose now has a population of 236.  It was 282 10 years ago.  There are 98 males and 138 females.  The median age is 42.  82.3% have a high school education or higher with 15.2% having a bachelor’s degree.  The average family income is $43,750.

There are 135 housing units in Anamoose with 116 occupied.  109 are owned and 7 rentals.

North Dakota has a population of 672,591 with 90% white.  We have 9 persons per square mile, while Massachusetts has 845 persons per square miles-just a Few More!  North Dakota’s growth rate was 4.7%.  Our average travel time to work is 16 minutes, while the average travel time in the US is 25.2 minutes.

The latest resident in Anamoose is Dana Reimer who moved here from Minnesota.  Saturday Dana was busy trimming trees that had grown up next to his garage.

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