A Rocking Saturday in Anamoose

This past Saturday started out at 8am with 16 people having rummage sales.  The largest one was Arla & Wayne Vannett’s.  They had several garages full of a little bit of everything.  I didn’t need anything, but of course I didn’t come home empty handed.  Pictured is Bonnie Helm’s Rummage Sale with lots of glass ware. 

A large crowd was present in the afternoon for the annual Demolition Derby.  The top winners were:  1.  Zach Ponzer  2.  Mikey Schmaltz  3.  Chris Ammon  4.  John Hase.  Pat Jund again MC’d the event.  He has a talent for getting the kids involved. 

In the evening another large crowd gathered on Main St. for the good music of DJ K Hook.  What ever happened to dancing?  Most of the people just stood around visiting & listening to the music.  But I guess that is good too, as it looked like they were having a good time. 

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