Dedicated Leaders

We take our City Board for granted, but they have a big job to do.  The first Monday of every month they meet to discuss city business.  This month they met with business owners about repairing sidewalks in front of their businesses.  Some sidewalks are in fairly good condition and will not have to be repaired.  It sounds like the City will pay for any needed curb repair. 

A while back I read an article about leadership.  Some quotes were:  “Will they miss you when you are gone.”  “What are you passionate about?”  “We are horrible at predicting what will work.”  “In business today it is important to have a smile”  This last one is really true. 

The City Board now has the hard decision of deciding whether or not Anamoose can afford to pave our streets.  We all agree it would be great to have nice paved streets.  If only paving were cheap!

 Mike Rudnick, Mayor

City Council Members: Frank Ewert, Mike Schmaltz, Tony Martin & Bonnie Dockter.

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