Octogenarians Celebrate

To have a couple of people turn 80 in one year in a small town like Anamoose is a big deal.  But to have 13 octogenarian birthdays from the area is a really big deal!  A party was held at the Anamoose Senior Center Friday where they celebrated with a meal, gift exchange, and a program.  Frances Seefeld played his accordion; Ron Cartwright, Phyllis Zimmerman and myself gave readings on growing old.  Phyllis, president of the Anamoose Senior Center, read some facts from 1931-Frankenstein was the top movie.  Unemployment was 16.3%.  Al Kakone went to prison.  The average home was $6,790, the average wage$1,850, gas 10 cents a gallon, house rent $18/month, hamburger 11 cents a pound, and a new car $640.

Our annual guilt raffle was held and Emanuel Kesler was the winner.

Matt Rudnick brought his latest model that he made.  It is a replica of his first car.

Pictured are the 80 year olds: (from left to right standing) Vernon Heer, Duane Dockter, Dick Eckart, Buck Buchholz, Bud Michelson, Wayne Vannett, Matt Rudnick, Marceline Hoaglund.  Sitting:  Mabel Forschen, Mamie Hase, Rueben Miller, Esther Doubek, Helen Sieg and Marceline Hoaglund.

Punch server, Sandy Cartwright (left), with Elroy Stotz, and Fern Reinowski.

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1 Response to Octogenarians Celebrate

  1. lois anderson says:

    Wow!!! What a party. Must be the N.D. climate to keep all the 80 year young ones looking so young.

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