More New Citizens To Welcome To Anamoose

On Monday, 10/17/11, Alyce and I welcomed Dave & Heather Boswell to our community. Dave works for a Natural Gas Pipeline between Tioga and Sherwood doing the land acquisitions.  Heather is still in Conroe, Texas and is Director of Operations for an Oil & Gas Company. She will be visiting as much as possible and will be coming next weekend to visit Dave. He works out of his home and does some driving as well to complete his work. Dave’s hobbies include fishing, hunting and watching football on TV.

The next home we visited was that of Kirk & Yvonne Green and their cute kids – Megan 8, Jenna 6, Alexa 4 and Zane 1. Kirk works as a general delivery truck driver in Minot. He was still at work when we were there so he is missing from the picture. Yvonne’s hobbies are sewing and Kirk likes to hunt and has two hunting dogs. They originally moved from Michigan to Minot, ND, and then with the flooding in Minot moved to Anamoose. Three of the children go to the Anamoose/Drake Grade School.

We then moved on to the home of Chad, Jenny & Tayler Holdeman and Mother/Grandmother Shirley Baughman. Oh yes and we must remember to mention Kody, Shirley’s 10-year-old happy and friendly dog. This family come originally from Odessa, TX, by route of Minot where they also had to evacuate their home. They have been in ND for over a year and love our town and the state. Chad works for Hess Oil Co in Tioga and Jenny works at the Drake/Anamoose High School as a paraprofessional/aide. Tayler is in the first grade in Anamoose/Drake Grade School and only has a few steps to take to get there everyday as he lives next to the school. Chad’s hobby is fishing and Jenny’s hobbies include sewing, making costumes, quilting and reading. Shirley enjoys being a grandmother and cooking for the family. She has become very active in the community as she has joined 3 clubs: The Bone Builders Exercise Group, Nu Alpha Home Makers and the Senior Citizen’s Club.

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