Anamoose Historic Bank Receives $5000 Award

The following information was submitted to me by Bonnie Helm.

The North Dakota Community Foundation has awarded $5,000 to the Anamoose Historic Bank Association.� This grant will be used, along with other funds, to replace the roof on the�bank built in 1909.

Making the award is Kevin J. Dvorak, President and CEO of the NDCF, to Phyllis Zimmerman on the left and Bonnie Helm on the right.

This award is one of only 38 chosen from a list of 139 applications to NDCF seeking assistance this year.

The NDCF, founded in 1976, seeks to support the needs of ND educational, charitable, arts, scientific, and health areas.

The historic bank was purchased a year ago by a small group of Anamoose residents as an outgrowth of the planning for the Anamoose All-School Reunion which occurred this past summer.

“The impetus for purchasing the building was really so that we could paint the exterior trim in preparation for the All-School Reunion.” said Helm laughingly, chair of the Anamoose Historic Bank association (also known locally as the ‘Save the Bank’ group).

The mission of the association has expanded to include saving the beautiful historic building, making it a viable building for hosting community events, preventing another hole from appearing in the downtown (which would occur if it had to be torn down), and to become an exciting conduit for helping to revitalize the city’s Main Street.

The group states there is a great�deal that must be done to the building before it will be completely renovated and available for community events.� However, as Helm states for the group, “We continue to focus on the big picture and remain optimistic about the building’s future viability.”

On December 11 the association will be hosting its first community events, the Anamoose Holiday Tour of Homes from 3-6pm, as well as a Holiday Bake Sale with Dessert & Beverage Bar also on December 11 from 2:30-7pm at 409 Main Street.� For more information watch for the announcements in the Buyer’s Guide.

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