Alyce and Mardi welcomed a family of 4 to Anamoose this evening.  Billy Page & Tracy Porter, along with daughters Savannah (almost 16), and Emily (almost 12) came to our city from Jamestown, North Carolina.  Tracy is a Registered Nurse working for Trinity in Minot and Billy is starting a new business in Anamoose called ProCycle Shop.  He will work on small engines of any type (see the writeup in the blog).  Their hobbies include hiking, camping, boating and Billy likes motorcycling.  Savannah goes to Drake/Anamoose High School and Emily goes to Anamoose/Drake Grade School.  Savannah misses competative gymnastics which is not available locally, but both girls voiced that they like their new schools.  Please greet them when you see them and we wish them success in their new business.

Pictured are: Emily, Billy, Tracy and Savannah in the front. 

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