Meet Two More Families Who Are The Latest To Be Welcomed To Anamoose:

Kevin & Nancy Horneman and grandson, Kyle were visited by the “Welcome Team” of Alyce and Mardi today.  They have been in Anamoose since 09/21/11 and came to us from Bismarck.  They seen an ad in the Minot paper for the home they purchased.  They are originally from Pennsylvania.  Kevin is in Investment Real Estate and is currently doing electrical work at the Velva Plant.  He loves farming and such things as picking rocks and taking down fence on his land.  Little Kyle stays at Bonnie’s Day Care when Nancy goes to work for Harvey Insurance Agency in Harvey.  Their current hobbies involve working on their home and enjoying their grandson Kyle.  They have a friendly Border Collie that shares their lives with them.

Our second family we welcomed today is a family of five. Pat & Tammy Windish have 3 children.  Allison is 19 years old and attending Minot State University and studying in the field of Radiology. She also works as a CNA.  Amber is 14 and a Freshman and Trey will be 13 very soon and is in the 7th grade at Drake/Anamoose High School.  Pat is the Principle at Anamoose/Drake Grade School and Tammy is a Medical Lab Technician at  St Aloisius Medical Center in Harvey.  The family love to hunt together.  Amber was very successful this year in getting a beautiful 6 point buck.  The family moved to Anamoose from Wimbleton, ND.  They have two dogs Jake (Cocker Spaniel) and Ebony (Black Hunting Lab).  They also have a “Rescue Bird” named Sisco who can really sing.  Besides hunting together as a family they are busy going to all the school activities.

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