Rebuttal on Paving

I wish to respond to Linda’s article on the paving project in Anamoose.

Contrary to what Linda said, there has been talk of paving the Anamoose streets for years.  On June 2nd, 2011 a public meeting was held by the Anamoose City Council where an engineer discussed the project with us.  Because of the positive response the City Board moved ahead with the project.  They had previously investigated to see if there were any state or federal funds available for paving, but there have been none available.

The pictures show the standing water and ruts on the streets right now.  There are so many advantages to paving.  For us walkers, it is a no-brainer to head for the paved streets.  On the gravel roads there are rocks, standing water and uneven surfaces that make it difficult to walk.  Bike riding and roller blading are great on pavement, but not on gravel roads.

Dust!  I especially remember the 100th Anniversary celebration for the school in July, 2011 when the dust was blowing up my street.  My daughter, Tami, said “I can’t believe you don’t have paving in Anamoose yet”.  And it is only going to get worse if we get increased traffic.

We just got back from vacation in New Mexico.  We took smaller roads, and I watched for paving when we went by small communities.  I only saw 2 towns that I could see that didn’t have paving and they were so dilapidated I could see why.

I received an email a while back.  It was about an article “Why Do Some Small Towns Die While Other Small Towns Grow”  by Dr. Cornilla Flora, a former Kansas State University professor.  One paragraph applies to our situation.  “Growing towns have a willingness to tax themselves.  They move beyond want and action.  Dying towns accurately identified needs, but that’s where everything stopped.  They thought someone else should pay the bill for their gain and weren’t willing to tax themselves.”

Are we willing to pay for improving Anamoose?  Do we want to make Anamoose better-and continue to attract people to our community?  Do we want to grow-not fade away?  Then vote yes for the paving!

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11 Responses to Rebuttal on Paving

  1. Jackie Browning Creed says:

    what a improvment to Anamoose to have the streets paved. I live in WA. and enjoy going back to Anamoose each year. there would be no dust , Would be able to walk without injury. n Anamoose is a wonderful town. And any improvment would make it better. Go for It.

  2. Lois Albrecht-Anderson says:

    It would really be nice if more roads were paved in town. Sure would cut down on torn up dirt streets, dust, and pot holes
    There are many very small towns near us (smaller that Anamoose) that have paved streets. So–nothing wrong with you having them too.

    • Sally Pillatzke says:

      Have you seen the paved streets that are in town now with all the holes in them for the last year or better. Let’s fix them first before we worry about more paving

  3. Sally Pillatzke says:

    Who is going to pay for these nice paved streets you all talk about.Their wiil be alot of dust as street the by the elvator will not be paved. i came into town this morning and was behind a semi what dust he left behind. The city can’t keep up the streets they have paved already so who going to keep up the rest of town. I drive in town every day and if you stay on the gravel streets they are in better shape than any pavement we have in town .
    So twenty years of higher taxes for paving, in twenty years the streets will be shot!! What will
    be the price tag then?? Does anyone ever look into the future???

    • babbbullon says:

      Thank you i agree that the long term cost is not effective for paved streets. We are only a small group of 200+ people and the long term cost will be a lot. Has anyone driven in Harvey lately? The paved roads there are bad especially on the other side of the tracks on 6th street and that is not a well traveled (by trucks) road. I’m just saying I agree.
      My post are being censured now because I am not positive about this project. I love Anamoose and I think freedom of speech is very important as well as the freedom of expression about our environment. I am taking a class on global physical geography and I am sharing what I am learning… not just my opinion. It is not negative to tell the truth about environmental impact of asphalt on our town. The fumes will be bad as well as the tar that gets stuck to your car when you drive on the new roads. When I woke up this morning I thought I lived in a free country where is is expected to voice ones thoughts and ideas but after the rude removal of my post… i am thinking this blog is not for everyone. Just for those who agree with the founders but this is my town and I live here everyday as well as all of you do. I care about my neighbors and my family so “even if you delete this… I HAVE A RIGHT TO EXPRESS MY KNOWLEDGE, opinions and ideas… after all this is the US of America and many men have died to defend that right. I love this town “as is” and I am here to stay and I am not selling my property to pay for a asphalt road that I disagree with on principle because they are the reason i moved here. I grew up around asphalt all my life listening to country songs wishin I lived in a place like this… you don’t know how lucky you are!
      I LOVE MY HOME AS IS. That is not negative! ps: do not call me I am a full time student at UND and I work full time. I find time to sleep, play with my family, and read. I do not want to talk on the phone. You can email me at If you have something to say… and I don’t care if it is negative or positive… your truth is important even if I don’t like it. Thank you!

  4. Sally Pillatzke says:

    Let.s see how many businesses and residents we lose if this paving goes through . I for one will not be able to stay. Let’s hear from the rest of you . When you see people that have been friends for years and now they can’t even have coffee together. This is getting to carried away. Why should a nice little town like Anamoose tax itself to death just to look pretty? I have lived here for 58 years and never seen an ingury yet from walking on a gravel street. Are we just trying to follow the rest of this country going down hill in a hand-basket?
    What is this about a special meeting on Monday for those who voted yes and the rest of the town is left out. Is it a railroad to get what you want and to hell with the rest of us.

    • Becky Fletschock says:

      Sally, I hear what you are saying. This paving subject is not the “us” vs. “them” topic that I have heard many people describe it as. Peope should be able to sit down, have coffee and talk about this topic. Not everyone is going to agree on everything all the time and that is just a fact of life. People need to be able to calmly and rationally discuss this paving issue without all the name calling, finger pointing and bickering that has been going on. I have no problem sitting down with someone and talking about this. I am in favor of the project and I have reasons for that. I look forward to discussing why someone may be against it. Maybe there is something that I have not yet understood as a reason against it and maybe the other person has not understood some of the reasons for it. I am willing to listen. Unfortunately at any public meeting, there has not been much real discussion. Instead there has been an overabundance of name calling, yelling, etc. and frankly I am embarrassed at how some of our “adults” have been acting. The gathering that was held tonight was just a private meeting of some who were in favor of the project. No city officials were present. No one is railroading anyone. It has just seemed that the people who are opposed to the project have been very vocal at getting their position out there. Why can’t those of us who are in favor of the project do the same? By the way, I personnally have sprained my ankles walking and running on the gravel roads in town here when stepping on a rock wrong and in a soft gravel spot (I have poor ankles though) and my kids have wiped out on their bikes because of the same thing. I also do not think we would be taxing ourselves to death either. Even with the assessment, my family would pay less for 6 lots here than my brother pays for 1 corner lot in Harvey. Again Sally, I do appreciate the fact that you are willing to get your opinion out there. It takes alot to stand up for what you believe. I just hope that those that are in favor of the project will do the same. I say, Let the discussions begin!

      • Sally & Gene says:

        Hi Becky, Thank-you for your response. It really would be nice to have the town paved, but the way we see it there will always be a never ending expense with repairing and repaving and the people in town will be paying……always. Thank-you

    • Rusty says:


      Now that the paving is done, what other town did you move to?

  5. Don May says:

    As a recent resident to Anamoose, I find the procedural issue in regards to the street paving project has not been adequately explained to the residents, nor has there been any consideration given to the additional ‘burden’ being placed on the majority of local residents who live on a fixed income, and not privy to excess finances as some of those who own a large portion of property in town.
    To totally IGNORE the 80 percent residential vote against the project and circumvent that vote by finding a loophole which the city council can use to approve the project and place the 1 point 6 million dollar project on tbe ‘backs’ of those who cannot afford it, just to appease the few is one of the most UNETHICAL acts I have ever witnessed.
    You also say this ony an ‘ESTIMATED’ cost—so what will the final figure be??
    Where was the public vote for approval of a bond issue to initially pay for the project?? It is my understanding that the local residents must approve the bond issue before the council can act in such regard, or will they use the :loophole” in saying the 20 percent yes votes outweigh the no votes as an approval?? There are too many questions about this project that have not been officially answered by the city council, and it is my belief that everything should be above board before any approval is given for the project to proceed..
    If you don’t want a city divided, I suggest the Anamoose city council look at their conscience and give some consideration to the additiional burden they will be adding to the majority of residents who are now struggling to just survive from day to day…
    WIth the increase in prices on everything from gas to food and presciptions, you should think about your fellow man or woman who must suffer through this trying time…
    It is my feeling that a town the size of Anamoose, with a population of less than 300 CAN NOT afford this paving project and it therefore should be dropped..
    The town should explore the cost of gravel sufficient to bring the streets back to a more viable condition and find a blade operator who knows how to maintain them properly and not push all the gravel into the ditches.
    You can’t even maintain the paved streets you now have, so what will the cost of maintaining the streets in the entire town be, and who will be responsible for those bills??
    It’s your town and I won’t be involved in the “paying” process but you should take another ‘very hard’ look at the project and consider what a yes vote will do to your own credibility..

    Don May

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