Alyce and I had the honor to welcome 4 new residents to Anamoose on Saturday morning.  James, (Okie) & Paula Thompson bought the Darlene Frueh Farm and moved here from Aberdeen, Washington.  They still own and operate a grocery store and The Casara Segrata manufacturing in Aberdeen, Washington.  It is run by their daughter and requires Paula to go back to Washington once a month to check up on things and handle business duties.  James has a construction & equipment business here-Thompson Trucking & Excavating.  They have 3 grown children (Kim & twins Stacy and Tracy), 2 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.  At the farm we met Jute, the dog, and Black and Bullet, the 2 cats.  Paula likes to play cards, cook and entertain.  James is into attending auction & estate sales, does some refinishing, and loves to attend car shows, with ownership of 16 restored vehicles himself.

The Thompson’s have working and staying with them John Snyder & wife Ginger.  Ginger has to spend most of her time in Washington yet but gets to the ND farm at least one week a month.  John loves the fishing in the area and can be seen in the Anamoose Cafe in the mornings.

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