Paving Debate Continues——

Last night there was a full house at the Senior Center for the City Council meeting.  The subject of concern was the paving project.

Matt Johnson of Wohl Engineering reported the vote on March 13 was 48.54% against the paving, and 52.46% for.  Bonnie Helm, council member, walked us back through what happened at that March meeting.  On a visual basis of the map the board thought the paving vote had failed and voted to cease the project.  After the motion, the engineer arrived, counted the votes, and discovered that the majority of the votes were in favor.  The City Council had made an erroneous motion that they rescinded last night.

Both sides of the paving issue were given 15 minutes to give their views; with good points for each side.  The cost of the project was the main point against the paving.  The price tag is 1.6 million that would be spread over 20 years.  Some of the points the speakers in favor of the paving had were improved property value, reduced dust and allergies, easier to ride bikes and walk on, shows progress, and brings people to Anamoose.  Mike Schmaltz, council member stated “How do we keep putting money into the same roads, and ignore others”.

A task force was selected to discuss several issues that had been brought up at the meeting.  They will report back at the  May meeting.


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3 Responses to Paving Debate Continues——

  1. anonymoose says:

    You really need to stop writing such biased articles on here – if you are going to write for the entire city of Anamoose you need to represent all sides not just include the arguments of the people that are for paving. Include the ideas that Brent pointed out about unanswered questions regarding costs, why the council went about sending the letters the way they did and the time frame given to respond. Perhaps you could also include the names of those selected for the task force. I really get the impression that this is the Alyce Heer blog disguised as a bloc for the city. Linda Babbs previous posts against paving were deleted so perhaps those supporting paving should be also in order to keep all things equal.

  2. Brent says:

    The project is going to run between 2.1 million to 3.3 million. That is with interest between 3% and 5%, which the engineer has no idea yet. Bonds are approved by how will the investment is and the ability to pay back, that why they have no idea what the interest is.If it is 5%, and if you would make it equal among the 183 lot owners who have to pay, it comes out to 16,393.00 for 20 yrs or 820.00 a year, plus maintance, and non-taxpayers, school, fire dept, churches, which changes to 950.00 per yr. But it is not being ass. equally.

    • fatboy says:

      Brent is mad that he will no longer be able to goldbrick by cruising the streets every 2 days in the grader. Now that his farm welfare checks have stopped coming, he’ll be in the poor house soon as he’s unemployable.

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