Pinochle Tourney

MainStreams, LLC aka “Save the Bank” in Anamoose has been sponsoring an 8-week pinochle tournament since February.  20 people participated over the 8 weeks, and there were usually 3 tables playing every Saturday afternoon at 2pm.  Weekly prizes were $20 for 1st place, $10 for 2nd prize; and the person had to participate at least 5 times to qualify for the tournament prizes of $100 for 1st and $50 for 2nd place prizes.  “This was not a ‘competitive’ group; they were more interested in just playing pinochle and having lots of fun and laughs.  Supper was always served, and camaraderie was the name of the game,” said Bonnie Helm, who organized the event.  The Annual Pinochle Tournament raised nearly $1000 that will be put towards replacing the roof on the old 1909 Anamoose Bank.

The 2nd Annual Pinochle Tournament is slated to begin in January 2013.

Pictured are: John Snyder, winner of 1st prize of $100; Bonnie Helm, organizer; & Phyllis Zimmerman, winner of $50 prize.  Both are from Anamoose.

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