Alyce and I had the great pleasure of welcoming 2 new families to the Anamoose area on Saturday.

Mitchell & Doris Ulrich came to Anamoose from a city near Detroit, Michigan, about 1 month ago.  Mitchell came here to work for the railroad between Harvey and Portal.  They have twin daughters with their families still in Michigan.  They will soon have 4 Grandchildren (3 boys & 1 girl).  The German Short-hair Retriever keeps Doris company when Mitchell is working.  Her name is Gretchen or “Doodles” and is beautiful and well mannered.  Mitchell loves hunting and has been a Taxidermist for over 20 years.  Doris loves taking photographs of the ND prairie and wildlife and loves our area.  Her hobbies besides photography is singing, playing the guitar and hunting with her husband.

  Daniel & Melissa Melaas are North Dakota natives and grew up in Minnewaukan and Bremen.  They were even high school sweethearts.  They have 3 children-Cade who is a quiet 9 year old, McKenna who is an outgoing 6 year old, and Jaya who is an active 1 year old.  They also share their new home with 3 dogs and a cat.  Daniel works in his home as a Seed Agronomy Adviser for Cropland Genetics for the NW quarter of ND.  The parent office is Land of Lakes located in Minnesota.  Melissa is the Title I Teacher in Anamoose/Drake School System and has  been here for 4 years.  She is also the Head Volleyball Coach.  They came to us from Fessenden and have a beautiful new home a few miles north west of Anamoose.  Melissa loves the shorter commute to work since they moved.  They all love to watch movies in their special media room as well as camping, hunting and fishing.

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