Meeka Perkins and her son Duane moved to Anamoose on March 10th.  They came from Modesto, California, to live in a safer, smaller community and find a job.  Meeka is a Dental Assistant and currently works in Minot.  Duane is a 4th grader and loves it in school and in Anamoose.  He recently got a puppy and named her Lola.  He has always wanted a dog but it was not possible in California.

Two weeks ago Meeka’s daughter Samantha and her granddaughter came to Anamoose from Modesto and plan to  find housing in our community.  She is also a Dental Assistant.   Samantha’s 19 month old daughter, Ryllie is very friendly, cute and so sweet   They have  cousins, Tara & Ryan McKee, living in Anamoose  and decided this is where they wanted to live also.  They don’t have much time for hobbies, but like to fish and hunt.

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