Anamoose Puts the ‘Home’ in ‘Hometown’

The following article was written by Chamonix Martin, an Anamoose graduate.  Chamonix is currently studying Sports & Recreation & Special Education with youth development at NDSU.  After graduation she hopes to get a job in a hospital, or school-working with special needs youth or elderly. 

Some places are a “great, big city”, an “awesome tourism spot” or a “remote vacation destination”.  Places like that have stores to shop in, 5 star restaurants to eat at, scenic views to see or have some other type of hyped up activity to engage in.  Anamoose, North Dakota, however, isn’t any of those. 

Anamoose isn’t the kind of place you travel days to vacation to, go shopping in, or visit a theme park at.  Anamoose is a small town that’s better than all of those combined, because Anamoose, North Dakota, is a home.  With it’s small population and home town atmosphere, everyone here know everyone else.  Not more than a day can go by without everyone in town knowing who you are when you’re new, and they’re always more than willing to lend a helping hand.  In Anamoose, everyone is neighbor’s and friends.  It’s the type of community that’s rich in farm culture and old-fashioned ideals that keep it peaceful and welcoming. 

From it’s busy cafe, to the inviting and updated park, the great school system within it, and the multiple churches, the town of Anamoose is the ideal place to raise a family.  Surrounded by communities that are similar to it, the economic growth of the farming and railway based towns is booming, and jobs are easy to come by and the local business’s are ones you can be proud to work for.  The multiple churches always have an outstretched hand to anyone in need, and in hard times, you can always count on the people around you to be your support system. 

Anamoose might not be the biggest spot on the map of North Dakota, it might not have the largest population, the best athletic teams, or even good cell phone service.  But, you can count on Anamoose having the biggest heart, the most wholesome fun, and the friendliest faces on the streets.  You can be guaranteed that Anamoose, North Dakota puts the “home’ in ‘hometown’. 

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2 Responses to Anamoose Puts the ‘Home’ in ‘Hometown’

  1. Jackie browning creed says:

    What a great article. Anamoose is also a town people love to return to, after they have moved away. It’s coming home for a visit.

  2. Lois Aklbrecht-Anderson says:

    It makes me very homesick to read this article. I love Anamoose and wish I was closer so I could come “HOME” more often!!! 🙂

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