Alyce and I had the privilege of welcoming 3 new households to our community on Sunday, 08/12/12.

Our first family is Rodney & Joanne Held and their 3 children, Tierra (12), AJ (8), and Rachel (6).  They moved to Anamoose from Bismarck and Joanne is a former graduate of Anamoose High School.  Joanne works out of her home with the use of technology and that great computer system and Rodney is the Head School Custodian for Anamoose/Drake Grade School.  They moved to Anamoose because of the small town living and to be near her mother and relatives.  They are busy painting their home which formerly belonged to Alvina Kummer.  The colors are very attractive and seem perfect for the structure.  Their hobbies include: carpentry, woodworking, fishing, reading and for Tierra it’s volleyball.

Next we went to the home of Josh Schmidt and Ashley Weninger and new baby, Brooklyn Jo.  They come to us from Minot and both are graduates of Anamoose High School.  They both have family in the area and many willing and eager babysitters!  They enjoy the small town atmosphere.  Josh works for C & C Plumbing in Minot and helps his father with farming and Ashley works at the Hair Oasis in Drake.  Hobbies of this household include fishing and golfing.

Our third visit was the home of Melissa Goddard and son Nathaniel (10).  They have 3 cats and many beautiful fish in 2 large aquariums.  They moved here from Jamestown and Melissa is the new Science Teacher for grades 7 – 12 at Drake/Anamoose High School.  They moved here because of the teaching position and the love of small town living.  Hobbies for Melissa include: gardening, flowers, sewing, cooking and baking.  Nathaniel loves making many things out of Leggos.

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  1. Cindi (Doubek) Pawlik says:

    Greetings from Florida! It is wonderful to see all of these folks attracted to Anamoose. You must be doing something right!! I really enjoy reading all the articles that you send, and I hope to get back to Anamoose again soon to visit my Aunties, Esther Doubek and Mary Dockter.
    Cindi Doubek Pawlik

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