Paving Bid Accepted

Monday, August 6th, the Anamoose City Council voted to accept the lowest paving bid of $1,666,714 submitted by Bituminous, Inc. of Ortonville, MN.  The Council also voted to apply the water operating maintenance fund of $171,000 to buy down the total package before it goes out for sale of bonds.  This water operating fund is from the sale of the Anamoose water tower and building.

Pictured are Frank Ewert, Mayor; Stan Martin,retired City Auditor; Bonnie Helm, Mike Schmaltz, Cheryl Linardon, new City Auditor; Bonnie Dockter, & Tony Martin.

Matt Johnson, the Anamoose engineer from Wold Engineering in Bottineau, said the bids are higher than his estimate due to increased cost to buy and crush gravel, oil, and to replace the culverts.  The Council indicated they had received 6 bids, and the low 3 were grouped right around the Bituminous bid amount.  The other 3 bids came in over $2,000,000 and were as high as $2,939,067 from Knife River Materials in Minot.

Bituminous has indicated to Johnson that they would not start work until the Spring of 2013.  The Council had set the stipulation in the bid announcement that the paving, if started in the Fall must be completed this Fall, and if started next spring must be completed by July 15th.

Some of the people at the Senior Center to hear about the paving bids.

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