A Great Weekend in Anamoose!

The weather was perfect for the Demolition Derby and Dance on Saturday, and the Anamoose Area Community Foundation annual Corn Feed on Sunday.

Shonella Lemer is going to tell you about the Demo Derby so I will skip that.  There was a great crowd for the dance in the evening.   The band was 8th Hour.  There were even a lot of young people out dancing, and from talking to a few people it sounds like the crowd enjoyed the music.

Janice Buchholz, Gladys Degenstein, Darlene Sattler (Gladys’s sister from Northville, MI), Rose Weninger.

Today we had our 4th Annual Corn Feed at the Park.  Corn, hamburgers, hot dogs, root beer floats were served.  For the first time we sold whole pies or pie by the slice with or without ice cream.  The corn was furnished by Helm Flying Service, paper products by Rick Bjorland Trucking, hamburger by Heinrich Super Value in Harvey, Warehouse Grocery in Harvey and D & M Market in Drake.  Homemade pies were donated by the board members and several Anamoose residents.

All enjoyed the accordion music by Francis Seefeld.

Workers for the event were:  Rose Weninger, chairman; & AACF members Shirley Nitz, Phyllis Zimmerman, Joe Weninger, Bill Goodwin, Brent Weninger & Alyce Heer.  Also helping were Janice Buchholz, Buck Buckholz, Vernon Heer, Gladys Degenstein, Darlene Sattler, & Al Hausken.

Now that these events are over, we could use a good rain.  It is so dry!

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2 Responses to A Great Weekend in Anamoose!

  1. Lois Albrecht-Anderson says:

    Just think how nice all the Summer Events in Anamoose will be next summer when the streets are paved

    • Jacque Reis says:

      Not all the streets will be paved, so there will still be dust, etc. Oh, that’s right we are surrounded by farmland so there is dust period!

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