Demolition Derby


The Anamoose Civic Club held its annual demolition derby on the north edge of Anamoose on Saturday, August 18th.  The weather was perfect and a large crowd was in attendance.  Announcer, Patrick Jund, kept things lively between heats with crazy scavenger hunt games, a tire toss contest, and playing music.  The Drake-Anamoose junior class sold concessions and the freshmen class sold ice-cream.  Money raised from the derby helps support the Summer Recreation program. 


Drivers in the first heat were:  Nathan Ammon – Anamoose, Jordan Grossman – Harvey, Brady Schmaltz – Anamoose, Mikey Schmaltz – Anamoose, and Kyle Wangen – Bismarck.  Advancing to the final heat were Grossman, Brady Schmaltz, and Wangen. 


Drivers in the second heat were:  John Hase – Anamoose, Jason Hiatt – Bottineau, Cory Reinowski – Harvey, Andrew Rieger – Esmond, Tanner Treis – New Rockford, and Kyle Wetzel – New Rockford.  Advancing to the final heat were Hase, Hiatt, and Reinowski.

 Usually there is a consolation heat, but three of the five cars were no longer operable so the remaining two cars were allowed to participate in the final heat.


Winning the final heat was Wetzel with a $1,000 prize, second place was Grossman with a $500 prize, Reinowski was in third winning $300, and Hiatt took home $200 with a 4th place finish. 

Derby organizers were Jason Mann and Kim Meckle.  Thank you to all the businesses that donated prizes and to all the judges, ticket takers, fire department and ambulance personnel, and everyone else who helped put on a great show.  Later that evening, a street dance was held on Main Street in Anamoose with the band 8th Hour.

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  1. Alyce Heer says:

    Great pictures and article!

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