Anamoose Updates

I found Mike Schmaltz working on his newest building addition to his Greenhouse.  He is doing most of the work himself on this  7th building.

Mike moved his fish inside from the fish pond.  He had quite a time finding them.  He said they would be “fish sticks” by now if he had left them there.

The Anamoose Housing garages are done, except for the carpeting & handicap railings in the breezeway.  The residents are happy to have warm cars to get into, especially with this cold weather that we are having.

Four Seasons Storage Units were completed August 1st in the south east corner of Anamoose-where the old stockyards used to be.  The 20 units are owned by Woody & Kathy Selzler of Anamoose & Arnie & Nancy Selzler of Harvey.  Each unit is 12 ft. by 48 ft with doors on both sides, so if you own 2 units you can drive in one side & out the other.  All the units are rented.  They also have 10 units one block west of Main St.

When I took my dog, Jack, to Sarah Hase for a hair cut this past week she said that it has been a year since she expanded her business, Sarah’s Grooming, to Harvey.  She is open in Anamoose on Wednesday & Thursday from 9am-5pm.  She does hair cuts, nail trimming, ear cleaning & baths for all size dogs.  Her address in Anamoose is 504 2nd St. West & in Harvey 917 Lincoln Ave.  She can be reached at 701-730-1185 or  This picture is of Sarah with her own dog.

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