Three More Families “WELCOMED” As New Anamoose Residents

Alyce Heer and I, (Mardi Helm) have the GREAT PLEASURE of being some of the first people to meet new Anamoose residents.  We inform them of all the activities we have in our great little city, provide them with a folder packed with important information to make their move much easier AND they receive $30.00 in Anamoose Bucks from the Anamoose Civic Club and meal tickets for use at the Anamoose Senior Citizen’s Club.

On 11/30/12 we visited with Robert & Amanda Lister, along with their daughters Shelly (13), 8th grader, Julia (6), 2nd grader, and Emmaline (4), Preschooler.  They are presently Home Schooled by their parents.  They also have a friendly dog named Daisy Duke.  They come to us from Northern California and have cousins that have moved to Anamoose about 1 1/2 years ago.  Robert works at MBI, hauling oil and uses the Minot Shuttle to get to the work place.  He is able to share driving to Minot to get to the shuttle with his cousin.  Hobbies include hunting, fishing, and the kids say, playing, drawing and horses.  Amanda also enjoys singing.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA They love small town living and are residing at the Phyllis Hoveland Farm.


On 12/03/12 we were at the home of George & Shirley Schnellbach, Sr, along with their friendly and beautiful cat.  They have 4 grown children, 10 Grandchildren and 10 Great Grandchildren.  They came to us from Mandan, ND.  George was originally from Anamoose, (left in 1962) and his wife was from Guthrie, ND.   Their wish was to buy a home and return to Anamoose after retirement.  Their wish came true when they were able to purchase the Wesley Schilling home from Jim Whittaker.  They are still unpacking and have a lot of plans to update the outside and inside of the home.  Their hobbies include camping, fishing, hunting, woodworking, ceramics, crocheting and creative memories.

We also welcomed Chris & JoAn Thole on 12/03/12.  They have 3 grown children and 8 Grandchildren.  They come to us from Deerwood/Milac Lake Area in MN.  Three years ago they bought the home for a hunting house but now live there.  JoAn is a retired Hospice Nurse and Chris works for Altra Green building products out of wheat straw and sugar cane in Devils Lake.  They have 3 hunting dogs.  Hobbies include hunting for both of them with gun and bow & arrow, reading, sewing, puzzles, quilt making for Veterans and has future plans to make clothes for the American Girl doll.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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1 Response to Three More Families “WELCOMED” As New Anamoose Residents

  1. Cindi (Doubek) Pawlik says:

    It’s always a pleasure to read the Anamoose news! Welcome to the new residents 🙂

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