Oh to be Young & Full of Energy!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAFour year old Olivia Fahy was the youngest of the ice skaters on the Anamoose ice skating rink on Sunday.  She did well with the help of an older brother.

Bonnie Dockter & Mike Rudnick had cleaned the snow off the ice.  Cheryl Linardon helped Bonnie serve hot chocolate & goodies to the kids & adults.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERABonnie was helping her granddaughter Emma  learn to skate.

There are several sets of skates in the warming house for anyone that they fit.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe warming house only has one bench for the kids to sit on to put their skates on.  If you have a bench or extra folding chairs, contact Bonnie Dockter.

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1 Response to Oh to be Young & Full of Energy!

  1. Lois Albrecht-Anderson says:

    Looks like fun. Happy the rink is being used.
    Remember all the fun times I had at the rink that used to be where Catholic church now stands

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