Civic Club Projects

The Civic Club had many projects to discuss at their meeting Monday evening.  I was pleased to hear that 2 dance bands are scheduled for 2013-“24-7” on June 15th & “8th Hour”SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA on August 10th.  8th Hour played here last year & the crowd really seemed to enjoy their music.  We discussed if we should have anything else along with the dances, but didn’t come up with any ideas.  Do you have any suggestions?

The  Demolition Derby was discussed but it was decided not to hold one this year due to a smaller crowd & fewer cars last year.

$5000 from the gaming fund has been given to the Park Board for new playground equipment.

There are still a few problems with the new sign in front of the bank, but Linda Dusek, along with Brent Weninger, is getting the kinks out.  She is waiting for parts so the temperature can be shown.

Kim Meckle reported that a Summer Rec coach is needed yet.

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