Entrepreneur Just Down the Street

scott at computerNow that is a word that I have to use spell check for.  But I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Scott Piper works on computers.  Especially Friday when I just carried my laptop a block to his house & several hours later he had it up & running, & at a good price too.

I asked Scott to write-up some info on his computer business:

Why pay retail for a computer when it’s on average a 70% markup.  I do Desktop Bare Bones Kits, windows software repair, computer repair, & discount solutions to all computer needs.  

Scott attended KBS (Kalamazoo College) in Michigan in 1999-2000 for TV & VCR repair.   Call Scott at 701-850-4217 if your computer gives you a bad time like mine did.  His home address is 101 Ave F West, Anamoose.

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