Park Improvements/ July Market in the Park

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe Anamoose Park Board has an ambitious agenda of buying new playground equipment.  They want to add equipment for the 5-12 age group, as the present equipment is mainly for younger kids.  

This spring the Board  had a movie & supper fun night to raise money.  They received a $1500 grant from Mid-continent, $5000 from the Civic Club gaming fund, & individual donations from Maurie Becker & Bonnie Helm.  Lorie Schmaltz, president of the Park Board, said they have a long way to go yet as there is a price tag of $53,000 on a set of equipment that the board likes. 

The Park Board sold ice cream cones last summer at the Market in the Park to put signs on 127 posts for fallen soldiers who were members of the Anamoose VFW.  The signs were printed by Midwest Graphics of Martin.  Family members can add decorations to the posts for special occasions.  Signs for the oldest soldiers will be on Main St. 

I know it’s early, but mark your calendars for 6-8 pm Monday, July 8th.  That is when the Anamoose Market in the Park starts for 2013.  I talked to chairman Bonnie Dockter & she said they are looking for vendors, & people to help sit up & take down the tables.   They also need ideas for “fun things” to have along with the Market, so the whole family can have fun.  Call Bonnie SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERADockter at 465-3088.



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