The Start


Culverts by Bill Goodwins

Culverts by Bill Goodwins

The paving is coming.  They started putting culverts in today.  I took the picture of them working on the northeast corner of the park & the large culverts down by Bill & LaDonna Goodwin’s house.    I just saw a big Cat going by my house (southwest Anamoose), another machine going down Main St., & a surveying crew down by the Lutheran Church.  The 3 1/2 inches of rain we got in the last few days only delayed them by one day.

Pink tassles & stakes

Pink tassels & stakes

A crew has been staking out the east side of Anamoose with pink stakes on the sides of the road & pink tassels in the middle of the road.

Mike Schmaltz, Anamoose Council member, tells me that after the culverts are done a crew will remove approximately 1 foot of fill from the streets.  This will be replaced with fabric on the bottom, then 8 inches of gravel , & finally 4 inches of asphalt.  Cheryl Linardon, city auditor, said that she will be calling people who signed up for fill dirt by the end of the week or beginning of next week, so they should be ready for it.  Also, if you want to have your driveway paved you need to let her know very soon.

A Pre-construction meeting will be held every Tuesday morning at the City Hall with  a representative of the Bituminous Paving Company, Wold Engineering Company, City Auditor Cheryl Linardon, & members of the City Council that are able to attend.  They  will meet to discuss the progress of the paving project.  Residents can come to get their questions & concerns addressed.

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  1. sally says:

    When will they start the gravel work as it almost the end of June now? I know the rain has held them up. When does the sidewalk project start? where is this money coming from as we will loose business in town and homeswith the extra taxes we have to pay. There are homes in town for sale right now that people think about twice about because of the taxes.

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