Post Office to Cut Hours

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe Postal Service had a meeting yesterday at our Post Office on its future.   In approximately 30 days hours will be reduced to 4 hours Monday-Friday, & Saturday 1  1/2 hours.

Wanda Cleveland, Manager of Post Office Operations, told us the Post Office does not get any tax money, but is funded solely by the sale of stamps & other products.  The Internet has been the primary reason for the lost sales-“40 billion mail transactions lost”.  The Post Office has cut costs by decreasing benefits, administration, consolidation, selling buildings & has frozen executive salaries, but more needs to be done.  A Post Plan has been implemented & all the Post Offices in the US have been evaluated.

Carol Weninger will continue to be the Officer in Charge, with Amanda Lister as Post Master Relief (PMI).  Mail Carriers, such as Shonella Lemer, can do everything a Post office can do.

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