Gardening Fun

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAWhat fun I had Wednesday (yesterday) morning when I went out to Deb & Kevin Reinowski’s farm to take pictures of kids in the Anamoose Summer School.  Deb & instructor Karissa Erdmann were showing the kids how to pick peas.  I was told the kids have weeded, put up fences for the peas,  & picked peas, strawberries, beans, onions, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, & potatoes.  They take some of the vegetables to school for snacks & some is sent home.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe Summer School is funded through a 21st Century Grant.  The other instructor is Brittany Levik (will be Bromley on Saturday).  Deb is a volunteer with the program.  The consortium furnishes some of the seeds & plants, so Deb & the school share the produce.  There have been between 3-18 students once a week.  This being their last day they ended it with a surprise picnic at noon.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERADeb gave me a tour of the 2 huge gardens that were pretty much weed free.  Deb likes to try different varieties like candy onions, celery, popcorn, lime cauliflower, herbs, etc.  Gourds will be used for art projects.  She also incorporates many varieties of flowers into the garden so there is lots of color.

As the kids were picking peas Deb was telling them why peas were grown on fences, how to check when they are ready, how to pick to preserve the plant, etc.

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  1. Cindi (Doubek) Pawlik says:

    Candy onions?? Wounds really yummy to me 🙂
    Cindi (Doubek) Pawlik

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