SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAOn 10/13/13, Alyce and I welcomed Carol Martin as she was busy moving into her newly purchased home beside the Drake/Anamoose Elementary School.  This is a very convenient location for her as she is Head Custodian at the school.  She comes to us from Drake.  She has 4 children, Chamonix (20), Lillian (12), Laura (10), and Eric (8).  She moved to Anamoose from Drake to be closer to her job and her kids.  Her current hobby is getting her home in order and unpacking her belongings.  We observed that she is very talented in remodeling and refinishing.  She also loves to work outside in the yard, running and hunting.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERANext we went to the home of Roy Irish and his mother Shirley Mathews.  Roy has 2 children; Ryan (9) and Ashley (7).  They came from Oregon for a management job for the new Petco in Minot.  He worked 8 years for Petco in Oregon.  Their hobbies include working in the yard, mowing, gardening and any activity that is outdoors.  They were busy trimming bushes around the house when we came to visit.  They were making the place ready for the fall/winter seasons and even had up Halloween decorations in the yard.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe last home to visit today was the home of Brion & Allison Beecroft.  They came to us from Minot.  They have 4 dogs; Gizmo, Ava, Bugsy and Spud.  There is also a cat who they say is the boss over all.  They moved to Anamoose because it is a nice, clean little town away from the hustle and bustle of a big town such as Minot.  Their current hobbies, beside taking care of their animals is getting their home into shape.  They plan to find employment in Harvey.

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  1. Cindi (Doubek) Pawlik says:

    Wow, that’s great! I’m sure they will all be happy in Anamoose 🙂

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