Not Like the Old Days

Years (& years!) ago when my kids went to the Anamoose school it was rare for school attendance to change once school started. But this year our Anamoose Grade School started out with 97 students, & now there are 104 students.
As Mary Beck,Business Manager, said “It fluctuates a lot this year-a couple in & a couple out, a couple in, a couple out”. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA
The largest class is Miss Hilzendeger’s 5th grade class at 22 students. It has increased 3 since last year. Mrs. Heim said that her 4th grade class has had 1 student leave & now has 3 new students.

Steve Heim, Superintendent

Steve Heim, Superintendent

When I asked if there were any other changes Mary Beck said they are starting Common Core-a method of teaching. Mrs. Heim said this method will make standards in ND the same as other states.
Lois Rott, Foster Grandparent

Lois Rott, Foster Grandparent

A new program since my kids went to school is the Foster Grandparents program. Lois Rott has been a Foster Grandparent for 9 years, & Barb Martin is in her 6th year.

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