Midwest Graphics & Signs Moves

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI had a fun trip this afternoon going out north of Anamoose to see Keith Reinowski’s new business location. In January Keith moved his business onto his farm 4 miles north & 1 3/4 miles west of Anamoose. Keith built the building 3 years ago with the intention of eventually moving his business there.
Keith started his business in his garage in Harvey on April 1st, 2001. He moved the business to Martin in 2002.
SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERATo help customers find his business he has put up 4 signs with directions from Anamoose & Drake. Pictured is the sign that will go up north of Drake.
SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAAngie Mack has worked part-time for Keith for 8 years. They make all kinds of signs for towns, custom farm machinery, mirrors, political signs, vehicle accessories, & banners (wedding, graduation, etc) & business cards. Keith showed me these personalized clocks you can order in any color. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

When I asked about where customers are from Angie said that they even shipped as far as the tip of Texas. Some signs go by train & some by UPS. Keith remarked they “make lots of stuff for Seed & Agricultural Companies. Word of mouth is our biggest advertiser”.
The yellow & red Welcome to Anamoose signs that are north, east, & south of Anamoose were made by Midwest Graphics & Signs. Joe & Ana Moose that stand next to the large sign at the south Anamoose entrance were also made by Angie & Keith. Angie designed Ana while Pam Heim designed Joe. Keith installs 80-90% of the signs he makes.
Most of the business is done by telephone & on-line where designs can easily be emailed to the customers.
To find out more about Midwest Graphics & Signs go to: www.midwestgraphicsandsigns.com

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