Anamoose on “Small Town Spotlight”

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe ND Today show featured Anamoose Tuesday.  It was only a 4 minute segment, but they packed a lot into it.  The only thing I wished they hadn’t cut was Hunter Street skateboarding on the new pavement.

We were chosen for this after Dallas Knutson wrote a letter to the Valley News Live of Fargo recommending us for the “Small Town Spotlight”.  A paragraph from her letter bears repeating,” At a time when many small communities are fading, the Anamoose community with a population of 280 residents, is remaining strong with area residents working diligently to keep the community alive”.  She continues telling how 3 decades ago or so, the “Buffalo Commons” predicted we would be dried up and dead within 20 years.  But 10 years beyond this prediction we are very much alive and active.  Dallas lived East of Towner and worked for the Minot Commission on Aging, so through her job she became familiar with Anamoose.  She now lives in West Fargo.

To watch the video google “”.  On my computer I next get “KMOT-TV:News, Weather” to click on.  This gets me to “” where I clicked on “North Dakota Today” on the 2nd bar.  On the top bar at that site I found “Daily Link” under “Show Link”.  This takes me to “More Top Stories”.  Scroll down to “small town spotlight: Anamoose”.   I received a call from one of the men who came to Anamoose to do the spotlight & he suggested this.


Later—I just had a call from one of the men that came to Anamoose from KMOT.  he told me another way to get the video.  Go to & click on “North Dakota Today” on 2nd bar.  On “North Dakota Today” highlight “Show Link” on top bar & it will bring up “Daily Link”.  This will take you to “More top stories”.  Scroll down to “small town spotlight:Anamoose”.  This link will probably be on longer than the other one.

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