Meet The KITE’S, Our Newest Anamoose City Residents

Kassidy, Kelsie, Michael, Tricia, & Grant. Missing: Grant

Kassidy, Kelsie, Michael, Tricia, & Grant. Missing: Gavin

Alyce Heer and Mardi Helm , the “Welcome To Anamoose Ladies” were at the home of our newest residents on 05/28/14.  The 6 member family of  Michael & Tricia Kite and children, Kelsie (17), Gavin (16), Kassidy (13), and Grant (10) come to us from Sioux Falls, SD and a year before that their home was always in North Carolina.  They came to Anamoose for Michael’s job at Butler Machinery in Minot.  He arrived in April and Tricia and the children came as soon as school was over in Sioux Falls.  They are excited about their move to the small farm south of Anamoose as it is very much like the places the parents grew up.  They have 2 beautiful horses and 2 small friendly dogs, (Maggie the poodle & Mindy the Shiatsu).  The 2 oldest kids have jobs in Harvey and Tricia and the other 2 kids are busy getting settled.  Their hobbies include; hunting, singing, cooking, horses, feeding the birds and the squirrels as well as caring for the acres of property they live on.   The children went to register for school in the fall today as well as welcoming us into their home.

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