A Very Good Time for a Very Good Cause!

Saturday evening, January 10th, a nice crowd of people came together at the Anamoose Senior Center to enjoy some good food and support a good cause. The Anamoose City Park Board sponsored a Chili Feed and an Ice Fishing Raffle to raise funds towards new playground equipment for the City Park. The chili with all the fixins’ was great and the dessert table was just plain awesome. The Park Board members greeted everyone at the door, manned the kitchen, served the beverages, executed the drawings and were gracious hosts throughout the evening. During the evening door prizes were given out to those lucky enough to be drawn prior to the main raffle event with great results for the names drawn. Lots of visiting, catching up after the holidays and support for a very worthy cause. A great combination for fun! And the best part is the goal is getting closer! The Park Board reports there is now $30,000.00 dollars to go towards the much needed playground equipment. Getting closer to the goal!

Now I suppose you are wondering, “where are the pictures and the winning names?” of the evening. Well I am going to blame it all on a Senior Moment on the part of this reporter! I fully intended to take pictures and as I swept out the door headed to the event I left my camera on the counter, where I put it so I wouldn’t forget it! As for names of winners, I have an incomplete list and thought, you all know who you are, tell your family and friends. Spread the good news!  😉

A Thank You to all of you who came out to support this effort and to the Anamoose Park Board members: Lori Schmaltz, Pres. Tami Mertz, Kim Meckle, Torie Dosch, Karissa Gahner.

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