A Gal of Many Talents

barbie and chalk boardI knew had to go get my camera as soon as a saw the colorful Valentine display on the chalk board in the lunch room at the Anamoose Grade School.  Barbie Martin started her holiday decorating at Christmas time.  She next decorated for New Year’s Eve, Johnny Appleseed Day, Valentine’s Day, and plans to do St. Patrick’s Day next.

lg elephantsmall elephantBarbie started out with white chalk, but the 5th  grade teacher, Doreen Hilzendeger, brought her some colored chalk which really makes a colorful scene.  She started the Valentine Day project with one set of “love birds”, and kept adding new pairs each day.  She finished Friday with the last bumble bee.  She said the kids came in each morning for breakfast anxious to see what she had added.

Besides cooking at the school, Barbie also makes banners, decorates wedding cakes, & entered the Art Show at Harvey.  She sketches at home & teaches her kids to draw.   This is the first project where Barbie has used chalk.


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