A Fun Day at the Farm Credit Women’s Forum

sue 1We all need to listen to a motivational speaker every so often, as I did yesterday at the 21st Annual Farm Credit Service Women’s Forum in Minot.  Sue Hamilton did such an excellent job of presenting that I would like to share some of her message of “Encourager at Heart”.

If someone asks you “How are you”, what do you reply-  “Fine”, “Good”, “Partly cloudy”, “What’s it to you”?  You can usually tell by someone’s expression how they feel. 

You have choices in how you feel.  If you have a negative attitude “Shake it off”.  An example Sue gave was where you wake up and lay in bed planning your perfect day.  You get all dressed up.  And then your husband asks you to pull anhydrous tanks!  What do you do?  Keep a positive attitude or do the crabbies come out?  You have a choice.  Catch yourself, get out of the negative mood, talk to yourself-it doesn’t mean you are crazy.  Smile, look like you’re having fun.  Attitudes can make or break a family!  It is hard to stay positive though.  Think of a positive person that you know.

A negative person will be crabby looking, say icky things, and complain a lot.  They will not be the first on your list to call.

Three characteristics of a positive person:

  •  Open-minded.  Visit with a lot of people.  Have good listening skills. 
  • Confidence
  • Integrity.  This means doing what you said you would do.  When asked to do something, don’t be afraid to say no. Be a woman of your word and do it or say no.  You do not need to give a long explanation. 

You have a choice to be positive or negative.  Enjoy life as it comes-enjoy pregnancy=young children=teenagers (may be difficult)=early 20s=grandchildren, etc.  It ‘s no fun if you don’t enjoy the journey.

tina and lina 2“Tina & Lina” added many laughs to the afternoon as the joked, sang, danced and involved the audience in their hilarious presentation.

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