90 And Over

(Back row)Mark, Bryan, Sharon, Ken, Robert, Lisa,Lawrence, Tillie & Donna

(Back row)Mark, Bryan, Sharon, Ken, Robert,  Dennis(Front row)  Lisa, Lawrence, Tillie, Donna

Sunday I was invited to Lawrence Reinowski’s 90th birthday celebration at his daughter Donna English’s home east of Harvey.  All 8 children and 12 of their 15 grandchildren were able to attend.

Lawrence has farmed ever since he was old enough to work in the field plowing with horses.  Lawrence and Tillie will be married 60 years in October.

David Gienger

David Gienger

There are 4 other Anamoose citizens that are 90 and older. Hope I have them all.  David Gienger had his 90th birthday May 26th.  Connie Rudnick posted his birthday on Facebook and there were 109 birthday wishes.  Since retiring from farming for himself he has helped Richard Bartz. David lives in the Anamoose Housing.

Mary Dockter

Mary Dockter

Mary Dockter is 92 years old.  She still makes quilts with neckties sewn onto background squares.  Her family furnished her with the neckties..

Ruth Ammon

Ruth Ammon

Ruth Ammon turned 90 March 17th.  She still is active with yard work, making quilts with her daughter Merilly, and helps her daughter Connie at the café.  Ruth said that her 18 grandchildren will get quilts this year.

Matt Sieg

Matt Sieg

Matt Sieg is 93 years old.  He farmed east of Anamoose, but now lives in the Anamoose Housing with his wife Helen.  He still goes out most days to help his son Tom.

All 5 of this 90 and older group have lived in the Anamoose area all their lives.

Sorry, but I made a big error!  David Gienger is 94.  I knew that too, but my typing finger didn’t connect with my brain. 

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