Gardening With the Kids

garden 1garden 2Sleeping in?  Not for these 11 grade kids that are taking part in the 21st Century School Program.  this is the 4th year for the program that is an after school program and extended into the summer.  The 9am-12 noon program includes Monday baking for snacks for the week, reading, gardening, educational games, and observing holidays among other activities.

The program had to be moved to the Drake school this summer because of all the improvements being made at the Anamoose school (see previous blog).  Instructors are 3rd grade teacher Karissa Gahner, 2nd grade teacher Brittany Bromley, 1st grade teacher Julie Fahy and teacher’s aid Kristin Reinowski who just finished her first year at Mayville State College.  Deb Reinowski is a volunteer who provides the space and time.  When I arrived at her farm she was explaining how to hill the potatoes so they don’t poke out and turn green and what tools to use in the garden.  The plan for the morning was to hill, weed, pick radishes, and lettuce and dead  head the flowers.

flowers and veg.One of  the 2 huge gardens had rows of perennial  flowers intermingled with the vegetable rows.  Seeds are furnished by NDSU Seed Trial.  Deb has to fill out the paper work for the trials.  New seeds this year are kale, pole beans, red sweet corn, and Scarlet Runner beans that are flowers as well as edible beans.

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