On 06/22/15, Alyce & Mardi welcomed 3 new families to Anamoose.

travis and ashleyOur first stop was at the home of Ashley Pine, Travis Washburn and their 1 year old daughter Savannah.  They moved to Anamoose from Velva for housing as their home in Velva was very small.  They both are employed at the C-Store in Velva.  They claim not to have any time for hobbies at this time in their lives as they are busy working and raising their cute little girl.  They have a new puppy and kitten which sure keeps Savannah laughing and playing with them.

nick and linseyOur next stop was at the home of Nick & Lyndsay Wilson and their 2 children Alexander (3), and Lily (1).  They come to Anamoose from Corcoran, Minnesota.  Their cousin also moved here a few years ago.  Jobs bring them to ND.  Nick currently has 3 jobs in Harvey.  He works at Spectators, Americana Motel, and Hornbachers Café in Harvey.  Lyndsay is kept busy caring for the children, moving in, and finding a place for everything.  She plans to take on more homemaking duties after she gets everything organized.  She mentioned baking bread, canning, jelly making, etc.  Nick likes to fish when he gets time off.

IMG_0788Our 3rd home was a bit in the country.  Edward & Tammy Scherman moved into Lawrence Zuther’s farm and are loving it!  They were busy planting a vegetable garden, trees, bushes, flowers and grape vines.  They have new flower gardens and have cut down many dead trees.  They also have chickens and are planning to get a goat or two.  They moved here from Minot and Edward works for BNSF.  Their original residence was Montana.  Tammy retired from her job as a currier bringing packages to this area for many years.  She loved the area and was looking for a place like this on her travels.
Their hobbies include gardening and yard work.  They were hard at the yard work when we arrived.  We can’t wait to see all their plans for their property take shape – they have a good start to say the least!

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