High Winds Take Their Toll

Today I could hear chain saws and heavy equipment cleaning up the mess from the high winds that blew through Anamoose last evening.  Winds up to 50 plus miles an hour can cause a lot of damage to trees.

Oke cleaning up tree

Okie cleaning up tree

Mike Schmaltz at work

Mike Schmaltz at work

Joey and Amber Fisher said the tree in their front yard broke in half about 8:30pm Tuesday with half falling to the south and half falling across the street blocking it off.  Pictured is Okie Thompson with the help of Mike Schmaltz cutting up and hauling the tree away.

A tree on the east school lot broke off, but Okie had already cleaned that up by afternoon.  A large evergreen in the park was pulled out of the ground by the high winds.tree at park uprooted

Jerry and Barbara Helm had 2 trees down in their yard.  One fell on their roof giving them a good scare, but about an hour later it slid off.  The tree in the back yard broke in half about 10 ft. above the ground.  Today Mark Engen and Andy Melton can over to help them clean up their yard.

As I went around town I saw people cleaning up for their friends and neighbors.  Bob Becker was out last evening and early this morning raking up Emanuel Kesler’s yard which is across the street from him.  This afternoon Ron Cartwright and family were getting rid of branches in Dennis and Phyllis Zimmerman’s yard and Emanuel Kesler’s empty lot west of Zimmerman’s.

Barbara Helm summed it up very well.  “When there is a disaster the best of people comes out”.

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