More Changes Happening at Anamoose Apartments

It’s been a hot time in the old town this week!  The outdoor thermometer has been flirting with 100 degrees all week!

The Magic Box!

The Magic Box!  Where all the magic wands are kept!!!

And during this hot week the Becker Construction team has been busy making more changes at the Anamoose Apartments this week.  New siding and all that goes with that is transforming the look and efficiency of the building.

DSCN0060All the residents are grateful for the work being done on their behalf.  Every evening there is an inspection of the day’s work and discussions in the hallways of progress being made.

It has been said that it sounds like “angry birds”, woodpeckers to be exact rap, rap, rapping on the outside of the walls.  At the end of the day it all brings smiles!  Everyone is looking forward to the end results!


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