A Hot Weekend in Anamoose

It was a hot weekend in Anamoose-both temperature and activity wise.  The Anamoose Old Settlers Days started  with a Dinner Theatre Friday evening.  Julia Petrovic planned the menu, keeping in mind what our ancestors would have eaten.  It consisted of knepfla soup, 14 ingredient salad,chicken shnitzel, buttered potatoes with herbs, carrots with honey, olive oil, turmeric, and tarragon, zucchini slices, red cabbage, sunflower bread,and a variety of 6 desserts.  The Anamoose Jr. class served the meal.   Heide and daughters Alaina and Nacy plus Linsey English, accompanied by Danelle Olson, started the entertainment.  The theatre production “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” under the direction of Kim Meckle got rave reviews.  The cast of 4 men and 4 women kept the audience laughing and entertained.

Julia Petrovic, Deb Forschen, Bonnie Helm, Julie Muscha

Julia Petrovic, Deb Forschen, Bonnie Helm, Julie Muscha

George Helm, Leroy Becker, Steve Dockter,& Maurie Becker

George Helm, Leroy Becker, Steve Dockter,& Maurie Becker

Julia Petrovic presents door prize of organic vegetables

Julia Petrovic presents door prize of organic vegetables

Saturday morning started with a German breakfast.  This was followed by a kiddy parade and a  Pioneer parade.  The high school graduation classes of1955 and 1965 had had reunions on Saturday.  Because of the temperature being close to 100, outdoor activities were moved into the Senior Center.

German foods like knepfla, strudel, and kuchen and Norwegian foods like lefsa and pickled herring were sold.

In the afternoon free stage and pioneer demonstrations featured the following: Agnes Faul-Quilt Making; Mike Borgen-Carrier Pigeons; Mark Albrecht-History of Anamoose-by Erich Albrecht; Amber Street-Vocal Gospel; Petrivic family-Musical Selection; Ivana Petrovic-Pioneer Medicine; Francis Seefeld-Accordion; Lydia Gisselle-Yarn Spinning & Weaving;  Mark Knudson-Elvis in the the House.

Mark Knutson as Elvis

Mark Knutson as Elvis

The dinner theatre again had a full house on Saturday evening followed by a free street dance with DJ Howling Horse.

Not to forget some of us Norwegians there was a Norwegian-German breakfast Sunday am.  But I found that I also had to do some research to find out what Norwegians like for breakfast.

Bonnie Helm was the chairman for the Old Settlers Days.  I could tell she enjoys going back to our “Settlers Days” when she was able to furnish the stage with her antiques.  Along with the help of Steve Dockter she wrote the play.  The actors ad libbing and adding as they practiced.



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1 Response to A Hot Weekend in Anamoose

  1. Alan J Frueh says:

    Wow, how creative and fun! Did anyone film the dinner theater production for You Tube??

    I’m sure it would go “viral”. 🙂

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