A Fun Evening at the Park

gamesA fund raising pig roast sponsored by the Park Board was held Saturday evening at the park with games for the kids, lots of food, accordion music by Francis Seefeld, a Not So Newly Wed game for the adults, and Mike Borgen showed his homing pigeons. pretty pidgeon

Karissa Backman

Karissa Backman

Lowell Dusek, Brady Schmaltz, & Bob Becker

Lowell Dusek, Brady Schmaltz, & Bob Becker

The pig was donated by David Marschner of Kongsberg.  Billy Engen picked the pig up and took it to Heaton to get hung, cured and butchered.  Pictured are Lowell Dusek,  Brady Schmaltz, and Bob Becker cutting up the pig.

Mike Borgen had many younger kids that wanted to release his homing pigeons so they could fly back home.  Mike has only taken his pigeons out about 20 miles so far this year.  He has about 40 pigeons now.  He is looking for someone who would race their pigeons against his, as he did before he came to Anamoose.

Lowell & Linda Dusek, Ron & Sandy Cartwright, Okie & Paula Thompson, & Heath & Theresa Hoke

Lowell & Linda Dusek, Ron & Sandy Cartwright, Okie & Paula Thompson, & Heath & Theresa Hoke

The Not so Newly Wed game got a lot of laughs.  Seven questions were first given to the 4 wives, after the husbands were put in a car with loud music.  An example of some of the difficult questions was “My wife would know if I told her that her ____ was sexy I would be lying through my teeth”.  The women also had to be careful how they answered their questions as they want to continue living with their husband.  An example was “Is your husband more romantic, less, or same as one week after you were married”?  The winning couple was Okie & Paula Thompson, second place to Lowell & Linda Dusek, third place to Heath & Theresa Hoke, & fourth place to Ron & Sandy Cartwright who have been married the longest.

$1000 was raised on the pig roast.  The Park Board has raised $49,000 so far.  In addition to that amount, Jackie Reis wrote a grant from the Heritage Foundation where the Park Board will receive $8,000 plus $1,000 when the project is completed.


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