When I was cleaning out a drawer yesterday I came across a paper that listed our 29 accomplishments in 2006-2008 when we were in the Horizons Program.  This program  was an 18 month community leadership program aimed at reducing poverty in small rural communities.  I would like to share with you the impressive list of 29 accomplishments in 2 years.

  • Anamoose Area Community Foundation-started with the $10,000 we received from participating in the program.
  • Brunch at Anamoose Sr. Center first Sunday of month
  • Welcome packages for new residents and hunters
  • Community garden
  • Farmers Market
  • Improved cell phone service
  • Dock at Antelope Lake
  • Exercise classes, craft classes and BP clinic at Sr. Center
  • Home rule
  • Main Street beautification–
    • Buildings painted on Main St.
    • Pam Heim painted windows of old grocery store
    • 4 flower pots placed on corners
    • Fences put between several buildings
    • Fall decorations on light poles.
  • Computer classes-Intermediate and Excel
  • Anamoose brochure
  • Blog site started
  • Joe & Ana wedding and first anniversary celebrations
  • Dock put up on Antelope Lake
  • Location of Skating Rink moved to southwest corner
  • Happy Feet
  • Community calendar
  • Sent out Christmas letters promoting our community
  • First woman on city board
  • Recycling bins
  • Involved kids with first Pumpkin contest
  • Improved Anamoose website
  • Worked on getting rid of old and diseased trees
  • Clean up of community
  • Added Ana to Anamoose sign
  • Promoted Anamoose with articles in papers.
  • Three committees set up: communications, housing and recruit, retain and new businesses.
  • Renaissance zone started.

Since that we have paved our streets which was a huge accomplishment.

I took a couple of pictures of fall decorations to show that people still take pride in their yards and communities.  A saying that I read a while back is a good slogan for Anamoose-“Give us a look, you’ll see the difference”.

Joe & Rose Weninger

Joe & Rose Weninger

Calvin & Mardi Helm

Calvin & Mardi Helm

Bill & LaDonna Goodwin

Bill & LaDonna Goodwin



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