A Solstice Blessing

I received the following in an email message today and wanted to share its beauty with all of you.

There is a pause now this quiet Solstice time before light slowly lengthens.

The temptation, to count the days.
To hold our breath until daylight stretches into evening, early morning forcing back the darkness.

What a relief it will be these light-starved bodies
to see again no longer fumbling in darkness.

Still, somewhere deep inside past resistance and reason you know this darkness, too, is your home.

A place you were taught to hurry through lest you be swallowed
by the whale of darkness never to be seen again.

Your soul knows better.

Your soul knows night is the place of dreams.
Far beyond what seeing eyes call horizon night eyes know no such boundary.

So on these long nights of winter solstice may you find your wildest dreams walking companionably alongside you.
Having waited for you all this time to turn toward darkness and find not fear, but peace and courage and wild abandon toward a life ready to be lived.

written by Chris Heeter, Naturalist

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